Twitter share counts have returned!

This is an update on a post we did back in November 2015, when Twitter removed the share count button and left a lot of bloggers and webmasters wondering how they were going to keep up their social cred. Well, it’s been a hard road to travel without those tweet counts, but, thanks to NewShareCounts, the tweets are returning.

You have to work just a bit for them, but, with a few steps, you can return share counts back to your site without too much fuss! Here’s a quick look at what you’ll need to do to get those share counts back on your website posts…

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Recently, Google removed the Search by Location (‘Change Location’) feature.  I’m pretty sure this was only used by SEOs anyway, so I completely get why Google would remove a feature that normal users weren’t using.

According to a Google Spokesperson:

“It was getting very little usage, so we’re focusing on other features.”

At any rate, there are many digital marketers out there that are not happy with the removal of the geo-location feature, as this was a great way to monitor and analyze clients as they appear in the search results in their location.

Google Change Location Search Feature Removed

Google ‘Change Location’ Search Feature Removed

But don’t go nuts — it’s all good!  There’s still a way  to see your client’s results in a similar fashion.  In fact, there are multiple ways to monitor the local search engine results status for your clients.
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Hey, What Happened to My Twitter Shares?

If you’ve noticed that the hot new article that you just posted received zero Twitter shares, don’t get too upset:

It’s not you, it’s Twitter.

As of November 20, 2015, Twitter discontinued access to its Tweet share count API endpoint data. More simply put, the Twitter share counter icon stopped counting. So if you’re using a social share counter like Share Tally or AddThis to track your FB, Twitter, or Pinterest popularity, pour one out for your Twitter tallies. Now you will no longer be able to watch the number of shares tick up next to your little Twitter icon as readers share your article or story, so it’s time to start searching for a new way to fuel your ego.

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Recent Google Algorithm Update and Rankings Changes

There’s been a lot of keyword ranking fluctuations in the past couple of weeks.  Lots of speculation on whether Google is making changes surrounding Panda, Penguin, or something having to do with mobile perhaps.  Well, Google has just confirmed this is not Penguin or Panda, but something else.

The thing that makes the most sense is that Google is making changes to their algorithm to better serve mobile search results.  They’ve been sending out messages to sites for weeks now, warnings about sites not being “mobile-friendly”.  So that’s where I wanted to look for any possible correlations between keyword ranking changes and mobile friendly sites.

Google Wants Mobile-Friendly Sites

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Today, Google announced a new feature for Google Webmaster Tools.  You can now go in and check to see if there has been manual action taken against your website for overly aggressive use of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  If you or anyone on your team has been involved in attempting to artificially boost your rankings in Google by using methods that violate Google’s webmaster guidelines, then manual penalties can be, and might have already been, placed on your website.

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